About Us

Our Approach

We are verticalizing venture - we provide massive exposure to technology companies and create strategic value to key industry verticals. We will invest in businesses that promote innovation, integrity and a positive experience in  the real estate, financial services, banking, home services or insurance industries.  We generally invest in SaaS companies focused on big data applications, digital media, fin tech and business services that can span multiple verticals – we help launch them systematically into $trillion marketplaces and they expand into other industry verticals from there.  
Second Century Ventures (SCV) has been initially capitalized by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® (NAR). With over 1 million members, NAR is the largest trade association in the world. NAR can provide immediate strategic value to Second Century Ventures’ portfolio companies by allowing them access to the vast resources of a 300-person organization with expertise, influence and power that comes only by being ingrained in an industry for over 100 years.  
SCV typically invests in technology companies with the following characteristics:
  • $2 - $30 million in revenue – with some exceptions, SCV will consider opportunities outside this range
  • A fit with the strategic goals of the industries we serve
  • Market leaders poised for growth and where we can add strategic leverage
  • Teams that can build world-class companies 
SCV’s growth accelerator, REach®, provides a program and pathway for earlier stage companies to be considered for SCV investment. 
SCV has the ability to be a significant value added investment partner and can bring the industries’ insights, experiences and markets to its portfolio companies. SCV works hard for its portfolio companies and because of its dedication, it imposes high standards for its partnerships. Once under its umbrella, the guidance, network, and support SCV provides becomes a catalyst for high growth companies that they would otherwise not be able to attain.